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trouble How to Install Windows XP without CDROM Drive, Bootable USB, and floppy

Hi guys!

I'm new year I am browsing the net for a day just looking for a solution to install windows xp on my toshiba notebook that doesnt have floppy, cdrom drive and cannot boot using USB devices.

I have tried the pxe install but without success. I always recieve not enough memory errors while loading the pe image on the ramdrive. I only have 256 MB of RAM thats why using neither BartPE nor Windows PE type installation is a good solution.

My notebook specs are as follows:
notebook pc
256Mb of RAM
1.1 Ghz Cetrino

One solution I can see is removing the laptop harddisk and connecting it tru my computer using Mobile Harddisk Enclosure on USB interface.

Is this possible? Do you have a walkthrough or guide of doing this?


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