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Originally Posted by William_Wilson View Post
hmm, sounds suspiciously like an issue somewhere in the motherboard. Seems a little sketchy if multiple drives do not work, but you may want to be sure that either one works at all.
It could be that the HDD is completely blank and has no boot files on it at all, I tried it in my other laptop and it didnt work there either, the HDD was free from a computer tech at the local college, he said "its blank but works perfectly".

When its not in the slot(when I got it) I booted up the comp and it ran off the BIOS, in which the CD/DVD-rom worked, spun, and was able to use the windows XP reinstallation CD. I shut it off, unplugged everything and took out the battery, put in the HDD, turned it on, and the CD/DVD-rom wouldnt spin, or even open. It would just do as I said above, say "Operating system not found".

Think it could just be a bad motherboard now?

All that vibration riding out of a case in her trunk messed it up entirely?

Im just trying to help her, is there anything else I could try, like getting bootfiles for A: disks and trying to boot from that?

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