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Originally Posted by William_Wilson View Post
how do you know the cd drive works fine? How do you get the laptop to start without a hdd?
when I turn it on without the HD in the laptop it starts up and the CD drive works, it just goes to "BIOS Integrated Argon PXE boot agent v2.01"
Pre-boot eXecution environment (PXE)"(theres a few more things it says but I doubt they're relevant)

Pauses for about 20 seconds and says
"Media test failure check cable"

Goes blank

"Operating system not found"

and thats where it stops.

if I dont have it plugged in and its just running off the fully charged battery, it will shut itself off after that screen. Sometimes sooner, its a weird crappy machine and Im just wondering if theres anything i can do about this. It doesnt even know the HD is there in BIOS.

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