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Originally Posted by Cobalt View Post
It depends on the external hard drive - is it a USB device? If so, simply boot up your machine and plug it in, and Windows should detect the fact that it is an external hard drive and install any drivers if required. It should then appear under "My Computer", and you will be able to browse through it and copy any files across as if it was an internal hard drive.

Performance may be a little slower than expected, but if you are simply recovering backed up data, then it might be worth copying and pasting everything you want and leaving it to run overnight depending on the size of the disk and the data you require.

If it isn't a USB device or want further clarification on anything I've said above, just drop another message back here and I'll try and go into a little more detail.

Thanks John! It is indeed an USB EHD, a Western Digital "My Book". When I check some files it copied it appears when it copies to the EHD it is not a "mirror" copy. Is there a program that exactly "mirrors" the files, structures.. onto the EHD then copies them back onto the C:\ of the old/new computer?
I am not very computer literate when it comes to these devices and my present computer is "dying". I am copying everything onto the EHD so when my new computer comes I can upload to the new computer all the files,programs, etc that were resident on the old computer.
Am I assuming this will be done correctly? Is there software that will make this very easy for an "Idiot"?

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