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Pc Blue Simulator

dear members:

Here I have a great combination of doubts.
I work in a maritime training institute and our teaching is mostly through simulators, normally connected in a network (local).
Well we were updating the one on my charge (telecommunications). Is a Norwegian simulator that works in a DOS platform (yes, DOS). And here began our problems.
Our new hardware rest in a mother board D101GGC, processor intel pentium IV, 512 Mb RAM, 80 Gb hard disk, network card d-Link DFE520TX (also we used DFE 530TX), we added a serial ports card (extra one) with two ports, a touchscreen monitor ELOTOUCH 1725L (that we could test its work on windows and DOS OK).

The problem is that we couldnt run the simulator making partitions of hard disk and loading directly DOS in one of the partitions and windows in the other one. The system falldown after some movements.
We request assistance to the software makers at norway and they sent us another installation disk based on "virtual PC" where we could work in the network without problems, but the system doesnt accept the touchscreen, creating some problems with the serial ports.

So, we got two possibilities:
1) loading directly the system accept the touchscreen monitor but the network fall down (unstable)
2) loading through "virtual PC" the system is stable, but doesnt accept the touchscreen

Any idea regarding how to solve my problem will be welcome.
Any other amplified comment by my side just request it



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