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lst things first and all
RAMDisks are just a complete waste of time
hmm depends on application for photo editing(ps5) audio(working temp_dir) and also archiving. or other
processes generating large temp file content

a 200+ mb ramdisk can boost performance considerably [however stability is a DEFiNATE factor]

when dealing with large amounts of data 2>gb
{ddr pc3200 or better ,hyper threading and dual core wil also help}
not to mention large hdd cache ,dedicated controller ect..
Gigabyte's i-RAM! Replace Existing Hard Drives

TheHyperDrive4 has an access time of 1100 nanoseconds read and 250 nanoseconds write (as measured by Data Transit's Bus Doctor), as opposed to 8 milliseconds access time (seek time + spindle latency) for the latest 10,000 rpm SATA Hard Disks and 5.5ms for the latest 15,000 rpm SAS Hard Disks.
Average spindle latency is 3 ms for a 10,000 rpm drive and 2ms for a 15,000 rpm drive.
This means that DDR drives, which we can ship you today for £599/£699, are faster than the next generation optical storage drives which are costing hundreds of millions of dollars in development and may become commercially available in 2011.

`RAMDisks` `complete waste of time.`
reality=hdd (hamster powered storage)-THAT- REDUCE performance
hdd= complete waste of time. (excluding sata2 ncq)=>

Setting the Paging File smaller does nothing but conserve disk space. By default the paging file is set to 1.5x RAM this is the system managed setting and it is not recommended to set it smaller as you may REDUCE performance by not having enough paging space
newer systems running xp with 512+ memory and dedicated gfxram
have no real need for page file:
setting the page to "0" is the best option

how ever systems can vary dramatically
in hw as well as software configuration , use ,ect
how your system will be affected
depends on multitudes of factors
them selves with multitude upon multitude of variables

the best way is to test !

use full considerations:

total ram in system :
memory size used by: file\application

happy faf-ing
remember stay logical

reference:HyperDrive4 (Revision 2) Benchmarking Results

One HyperDrive4 is 500% faster than one of the very latest Western Digital Raptors at running a basket of popular applications (H2BenchW). And it is at least 200% faster than any number of the world's fastest Hard Disk Drives in any configuration you like. It is the revolution that the IT industry overlooked. If you are 'waiting for your screen to come up' you are using gramophone technology. You need to try Silicon.
have a nice day
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