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Default wot IS going on

logicaly every xp instal WILL

put in the %SYSTEMDRIVE% (c:\ partition)

1= %SYSTEMROOT% C:\Windows

2=%programfiles% C:\Program Files

3=%HOMEPATH% C:\Documents and Settings\{username}

un les configured otherwise u wil have thes 3 colections of files

the first runing the basics of the computer (os drivers ect)

the second holding your aplications (oface browser ect)

the third holding your documents setings desktop favrates
(Pictures Music)

all stored on one partition ! 1 file alication table ,mtf bmp ect

on 1 phiscal (rotating) hdd

#phisical limitations practical implications

2hdds can read and write more data in les time than 1hdd

eg hdd1 = c:\ containg %SYSTEMROOT% = C:\Windows
hdd2 = ?:\ containg %programfiles% & %HOMEPATH%
\Program Files \Documents and Settings\
the setup above will give faster file aces time
than the all in 1 default windows layout

3hdd can...

eg hdd1 = c:\ containg %SYSTEMROOT% = C:\Windows
hdd2 = v:\ containg %programfiles% = \Program Files
hdd3 = w:\ %HOMEPATH% = \Documents and Settings\

this is clearly the best option performance wize
offering the largest maximum potental

further stability and security

could be gained by separating the types of files most comanly acessed
eg pictures or music and storing them on seprate dedicated partitions created on one hdd .
*this method could be used with seprate partitions for sysytem, program files, and documents all tho helping provent defragmentation between these groupes the performance gaines of phisical isolation between disks are grater ! than

hopfully iwill have outlined the performance disadvantages of m$ os deployment
and given posibilties of improvement =>

havent a clue about Prefetching

desabling ntfs time staping will speed up system
eg [write les often to disk (time stap) ]

page file 1/2 size of phisical ram (seprat partition) wil also help

for performance imprivment try


n stop arguing med-i-tate

right im of for ac0FFy n abLUNT
peace out

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