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Default Vista_cannot connect to the internet

My conversation with HP - advised I needed a wireless card installed on my PC to connect with the wireless router.
D-Link advised router is working fine with my main (wired) PC and wireless laptop and their built in firewall doesn't interfere with the Vista OS.

Vista: I do not understand why I can't get a connection to the internet using my network card /ethernet cable. My older computer and laptop connects fine using the ethernet cable connected to the router.

The retailer where I purchased the computer can not provide any solutions without having to look at it. I took it back before but they said my internet connection was ok and sent me home with it again. Yes, it does work fine if its connected directly to the modem. They said I should be able to connect to the router via network card (should not be limited to only a wireless card).

Anyone want to offer any help before I take this computer back - for credit!

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