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Thankyou for your reply. As far as I know the network card is fine. I am connected via the network card.
I would almost guess it could be a problem assigning an IP address. From what I can see on the vista, I can't locate an address now.
When connecting the vista to the router, I show an "unidentified network" in my network and sharing center - (shows I'm connecting to a network but not connecting to the internet). When I go into "network" from the start menu it only shows the vista - (when connected directly to the modem). From the main computer when I logon to D-link statistics under "Dynamic DHCP Client List" the vista is included in that list.
I had someone else in to connect my computers to the internet, they couldn't get an internet connection with the vista. Then I tried recreating a network. As a result I may have lost the I.P. address as I can't find one now. My vista is in another room (approx 20' cable) Hope you can make all this out!

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