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Default Vista is bigger than XP and changes users directories.

I just got an HP notebook with Vista. I have the same with XP and the Vista one boots 1-2 seconds faster to the sign-on, but they're about the same to the desktop. the "Settings and Documents" directory is called "Users" and there are several shortcuts within each users directory that are replaceing and moveing the directories from where they are under XP and 2k. also the "MY .." directories don't have the My anymore. things like the Internet Explorer temporary files directory have moved. The User Account Control feature is a pain, It is poping up whenever I do anything that changes a system setting. The control panel is changed also, "Add/Remove Software" is now "Programs and Features" for example. I've only managed to get one application window "Not responding" that I had to close. Overall I'm happy with the stability and functionality, but, I think the changes to the users directories names and locations and the use of shortcuts to point to the new locations is just tacky and adds clutter.

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