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vista will be a great OS there's no doubt, but as of this moment, i'm not jumping on the band wagon. I have a copy because my school supplied it for free, but that's as far as it goes.
There are many greate features, instant search, many great visual effects, but it comes at a cost... a memory cost, 2GB minimum for any vista gamer, and yes drivers are a BIG problem right now. All the companies will be rushing to scrap together some sort of patch work driver for their software, but it will be a few months before we see some good stable releases from anyone.

The lack of back compatibility in Vista can be seen as both good and bad. Yes some of your apps will have issues with settings, etc, but to move forward in hardware or software, backwards compatibility is the killer. The hardware we have today could be so much better if the guys designing the the software didn't want this compatibility. The software must work with the hardware, and forward software development is done on current hardware... i think you get what i'm going on about...

basically Vista will be great, it will be the same jump over XP that XP was over 98, it just takes a little time for the developers to catch up and make it worth getting.


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