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Firstly, I'm afraid you cannot simply connect your modem to both machine - it just won't work. The modem has two connections depending on whether you want to connect it to a single machine (USB connection) or to a router/switch to service a whole network of machine (Cat5 Cable).

If you want to allow both machine access to the Internet, there are a few ways you can do it. However, by far and away the easiest method is to simply purchase a router with a built in modem (ADSL/Cable depending on your connection, assuming this is broadband). Using this, you can either plug each PC into the device using a network cable or connect wirelessly if you have purchased a wireless router and both machine have wireless network cards. From here, you will be able to log on to the router using the instructions supplied in the manual and configure the network and modem. If you use DHCP, you should in theory then be able to simply plug your phone line into the modem and both machines will have access to the Internet.

Alternatively you can create a peer to peer network and use one machine as a gateway to the Internet - this is much more fiddly, slower and requires the gateway machine to be on if the other person wants to access the network.

It is also possible to purchase a dedicated router or switch and connect your existing modem to it using a network cable. Using the same procedure above you should then be able to set up a LAN and connect to the internet.

I haven't gone into detail because I do not know:

- Your Internet connection type
- Whether your PC's have wireless cards or not
- What equipment you are prepared to purchase (modem and router or a standalone router)
- If you currently have a network set up

If you can go into a little more detail I may be able to give you customised instructions for getting your LAN up and running and supplying both machines with an Internet connection.


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