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Originally Posted by Katalyst View Post
I have about 15 HS-6037 P-III/Celeron SBCs' with phoenix D686 Bios chips. The problem is that I bought them used, really cheap from a third-party supplier who knew nothing about them, and after the purchase, in examining them, I find that some of the bios chips contain passwords. I have found NO WAY TO RESET THEM. Suggestions? I can't even flash them, because to do so requires a FDD, which I am unable to enable due to my password problem. IS THERE ANY WAY TO HACK THIS BIOS? I don't want to be stuck with a pile of worthless hardware!
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Hi friend there is 1 way that i could suggest that you reset your bios by takeing your battery out for 2 minutes then put it back in and it should reset your passwords. If it do not work you can look for jumper switch next to the battery. There my be three jumpers switchers or two or 1 .If so take them off and reboot that might work ok friend hope to hear from you soon to see if you resolved your problem.

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