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Default Flashing!

The misleading title might have you pouring in here in droves, but I really jsut want to make a fun and funky post about flash games.

Flash games mean a lot to me, for all of 2005, they made English, Math, Science, Study of Society and Environment and Computer Studies interesting. Flash games are small, disposable, found in a veriety of places and easy to hide. Perfect for incredibly boring lessons.

You can find thousands of flash games online in millions of sites. See for yourself.

There are entrie sites that make massive money through flash gaming

And then there are those sites that leech others work

All in all there are a few bright and shinign games that you msut play before you die. Namely -

Oh not to mention, classic remakes of old school games!

All in all, Flash games kickass. That may sound like a bad ending comment, which it was, but seriously, they are kickass. Please comment below on the chosen sites and point us in the direction of your favourites!

Top Notch Game sites
[as suggested by you!]

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