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Default This guide is awsome!!!

I DIDN'T CHECK TO SEE THE DATE THIS GUIDE WAS POSTED,,,I MEAN A LAPTOP WOTH NO OPTICAL DRIVE,,,THAT WAS YEARS AGO! WELL I'M GLAD YOU DID THIS GUIDE AND THAT IT'S STILL HERE BECAUSE IT'S THE ONLY THING ON THE NET THAT SOLVED MY PROBLEM! oops caps lock, sorry. My laptop does have a dvd-rw drive but it would not boot up the windows cd so I have done it this way and it worked a charm, and despite sounding complicated it is actualy very simple.

I would point out that the DOS7.1 I downloaded already had smartdrv
so there is no need to find it seperately if you use this version of dos.
Also, for anybody who didn't know,,,,if you can not format your drive in FAT32 it is because FAT32 only supports drives up to 32gb, so you must first partition your drive and format a partition smaller than 32gb in FAT32 to use this method. Like the guide says, don't worry about the other partitions as you can use partition magic to sort them out later.

Turns out my dvd-re drive is broke as XP is installed and it still wont work!

Amazing guide,,,thanks!!!!!!