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I just had to jump on here.

I see this ALL the time, its wrong!!!

"AVG as of the 15 is no longer available as a freeby. I have been quite happy with it, but that's how it goes. "

You're right in that as of Jan 15th AVG 7.1 was supposed to be no longer available as a freebie. That date has been extended to Feb 18th for some unknown (to me) reason. BUT

AVG 7.5 is a more recent version of the program and continues to have a free version. I do tech support, and have had more than a couple customers calling complaining about the NONexistant loss of their virus support feeling pushed into norton or one of the other for a fee versions.

from grisofts website "This change will provide additional time for users to upgrade to AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 7.5 or other AVG products." emphasis on the FREE edition

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