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Default Re: Secure Server

Originally Posted by khokhar33
Thinking to buy a web server for my commercial websites , and extremly tired of hosting providers.At the time when you need them to be reliable but they do not espacially in holidays season.
Can any recommend some good reliable web server? thanks
Are you looking for a reliable web server or server board?

If you want a server...
I would suggest getting a managed server before you get your own server, because you need a good connection (Usually T1), becuase most ISPs will not allow you to run a webserver unless you pay more. It is also somewhat of a pain. Check out managed or even unmanaged servers if you know what you are doing.

If you want a server board...
Figure out what platform you want for your server, if you make a post and ask more about it I can help you out. Give details - budget, what you need it for, etc...


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