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Pc Blue win xp hardisk not detected on intallation

Dear techie geniouses..

As the above subject suggest the only thing got after running the installation was [ press F3 ] to exit

Now am talking about my brand new empty OS Lenovo laptop.

Since it came without an OS the hardisk was not formatted for any file system at all.

Now i manage to find a set of tools bundled together in a iso bootable, from a site Ultimate Boot CD - Overview ( I use the non-comercial aka free ver) It contains many many hardisk partitions and other system tools.

Then i boot this cd and start formatting my hardisk.

Now the hardisk was a Hitachi with a 60 Gig.
it was then been formatted entirely to a fat32 using fdisk, also after that restarted and ran couple of other hardisk utils just to check the fitness and health of the disk. All is fine.

However there is 5gig of auto preserved space, after i partition my harddisk. ( i do not know why) if i delete the partition the reserve 5 gig also will be auto deleted.

After all that i restart my box with with a xp pro and we are back to square one.

I also tried gparted, killdisk, among many many attempt to fix whatever the problem was still the installer could not detect the hardisk.

Funny thing is i ran ubuntu everything went smoothly, i even manage to surf on the net on X gnu, which is nice but i still need winxp right now, so any suggestion guys...

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