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Default Computer Not Registered

I have a HP computer with XP Home with SP2 installed. However, MMC and WMI reports my Computer and Operating System as Not Registered. I can not access System Information, "Not able to Collect Data" message. My Network is not defined, but I can in this case access the Internet. I have not been able to correct this condition and/nor get my system Registered and configured correctly.

I am trying to use this help resource "SysChat". I am providing the following information in hopes that it presnts a clearer picture of my problem. My WMI Control Properties windows displays:
"Connected <currently logged on user>"

"Failed to initialize All required WMI classes"

Win_32Processor: Interface: Class not registered
Win_32WMISetting. Successful
SecurityInformation. Successful
Win_32OperatiningSystem. Interface. Class not registered

I can not access any tabs except the 'Cancel' at the bottom of this screen, which forces me to exit. Hence, I still can't set up my network. Network Diagnostics reports 'WMI error' network not defined.

I think that I may have somehow installed my version of XP Home on a Domain versus Workgroup Computer. And it remains as a Domain instead of a Workstation.

Any help will be appreciated.

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