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trouble No that is not how it works.

There is only one way it is supposed to work, yes i will give you that, but to the resourceful many changes are easily at hand.
Are you a programmer? Unless the software has a bug (there are none for XP Prefetching) then it only works one way. There is only one way Windows XP Prefetching works. I have personally spoken to engineers on the Windows Client Performance Team and have exhaustively tested it on a myriad of systems. I have provided you with exhgaustive documentation on it. Mark Russinovich for instance was the one who discovered the Sony Rootkit, do you think he knows what he is talking about, let alone the whole Windows Client Peformance Team?

I acknowledged many of your points as being credable, and most of the rest not to be tried by the common user, but you are going to have to trust me that there is more than 1 type of user, and there is such thing as a system which functions better without prefetch.
No there is not a system that behaves "better without prefetching". What does that even mean? If you have prefetching disabled or broken in some way Windows XP and all your applications take longer to load period. This is not debateable. There is a reason there are no documented reproduceable tests on a clean, non overclocked, non nlite install of XP proving that any of these prefetching "tweaks" work. Because as soon as someone understands it and properly tests it they realize they had no idea what they were talking about. I can prove it irrefutably. The fact that you think otherwise simply means you still do not understand how it works nor even how to properly test it. You have stated multiple comments about how it works that are blatantly wrong, which only proves you do not understand how it works. The last person I would trust is someone who does not even understand how something works.

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