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So pointing out you do not understand how prefetching works is derogatory?
But continuing to question my intelligence and knowledge is, especially when you do not know me, or how my system is running/behaving.

Whoever wrote this simply copied and pasted these from other misinformed people.
quite possible, but i cannot prove anything.

Your sources are much more creditable than any source which will encourage the above guide, but i cannot agree with this:
The facts and reality of how things work with software is not a debatable issue, there is only one way it works.
There is only one way it is supposed to work, yes i will give you that, but to the resourceful many changes are easily at hand.

I acknowledged many of your points as being credable, and most of the rest not to be tried by the common user, but you are going to have to trust me that there is more than 1 type of user, and there is such thing as a system which functions better without prefetch.


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