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I myself have 1.3 terrabytes spread among 4 networked systems. I don't use tape backup any longer because they are impractical and time consuming. I backup critical data (i.e. video files, digital photos, and other important documents) to other systems so I have copies in triplicate. All my systems on on UPS. My video files comprise about 200 gigs of raw tapes dumps for my video camera, my digital photos take up about 6 gig and growing fast since I'm scanning in as many (pre-digital) photos as well. So right there that makes up over 600 gigs of data when with copies on several systesm. I also have my entire music collection ripped (320kbs) which uses about 80 gigs so add another 240 gigs when backed up in triplicate. In total media file space alone accounts for about 850 gigs of disk space no. Backing up in triplicate may be a little overkill but disks are soooo cheap noadays, why not? You can get 250 SATA for under $120 today and getting cheaper. It alot faster, cheaper, and convienant than tapes.

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