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Error Memory trouble in DOS

Background Info: I have an old hard drive(210MB) that already has MSDOS 5.0 and Win 3.1 on it.
I put it in a computer that has 72MB of RAM, and a 166Mhz processor.

Problem: Some games I try to run say there's not enough memory!

Example: Day Of The Tenticle(a game) gave two different messages when I ran it.
message 1: "WARNING: Memory low, suggest aditional 33K."
message 2: "WARNING: EMS detected less than 2 megabytes."

Trouble shooting:
I fixed the second message by changing a line in the file CONFIG.SYS.
Command line edited in CONFIG.SYS: "DEVICEHIGH=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE 30000 RAM"
So now it uses about 30MB RAM as EMS.

My game still asks still asks me to add 33KB more memory when I try to run it. (unless I remove the RAM paramiter from the command line "DEVICEHIGH=C:\WINDOWS\EMM386.EXE 30000". Then it asks me to add 57K)

The RAM paramiter is supposed to fill the high memory with UMB(upper memory blocks), so I guess I need to find a way to use more of the memory I have for UMB.

Does anyone know a way to use Extended memory for UMB?

Or does you have any other ideas?

Extended memory is what the bios says I have 72MB of.

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