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trouble Help

Hello there, I'm new to forums and I really need some help. Been around computers for a while, but this one has me scratching my head.
I have a dell Latitude CSx no floppy, no cd. I also have an IBM thinkpad t30, dvd drive.
*I removed latitude's hard drive and placed it on my IBM installed dos.
*Then I placed latitude's hard drive on an external adapter and loged into my winxp on my IBM.
*Copied i386 and smartdrv onto latitude's hard drive.
*Removed it and placed it back.
I followed the steps exactly as instructed by your guide. The windows xp installation goes through to the point where it copies all the files, but when it restarts to start the setup, I get "ntldr missing" no bootable drive. Not even DOS will bootup. I tried the steps several times, but no success.

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.