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Default Maybe some things to try...

Originally Posted by [email protected]
Some months ago I purchased a DVD Burner plus a CD RW both are Samsung.
With previous units I have never had problems however with the two above I am getting mega prolems.

I have two HDD's, a WDC 120gig and a SATA 80 gig drive. When I tried running the two units above one would lock up my computer and get the blue screen of death.

I have tried switching the master/slave and also cable select to try and fix this problem. Has anyoone else come across such problems and were able to overcome it?

I can only run one of the devices at once which is a pain. Any support here would be most welcome.
Your profile or post doesn't tell us what system you're on, but I would say run only the one that conflicts and see if you can trap a conflict showing up in the bootlog file from a safe mode, bootlog configuration.

Depending on the op/sys, you might look in 98 at historical driver installs or conflicts under system information, for conflicting device drivers, conflicting interrupt assignments, DMA, Memory addresses. You could also look under System Information and see if there's any conflicts showing there. Or, you might look up error reporting if you're on XP or another 2000/NT version for trapped error messages, other log files.

Last resort, possibly Samsung would have a chat service or email service you could detail the issue to and see if they have any suggestions on using the methods above or similar to troubleshoot their devices.

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