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Thanks Sami,

Please hang in there with me... Assume that I am "Emergency Scenario II, Part 2" using the recovery console...

First, as my original post indicated, this "zip" type copy of Erunt, version E1.1j, did not place a copy of Erdnt.exe in the hive cache it backed up, C:\Windows\Erdnt. There is only the back up data itself there.

That's why I moved a copy of Erdnt.exe in there manually.

Second, Erndt.exe will not have access to any of it's support files, such as any inf or ini files, it must be able to run stand alone, because the Erunt installed directory is trapped outside of the directory structure and Lars talks about correcting an Erdnt.inf file. (I don't think I need to do that, but the point is Erndt.exe is the only other file in the restore cache besides the backup).

Third, Lars instructions say to type "Batch Erdnt.CON". There is no .CON file in the directory, only Erdnt.exe which I put there manually.

When I run "Batch Erdnt.exe", I get 15 or so repeated lines of an error "The command is not recognized. Type Help for a list of support commands"., suggesting that the command processor in recovery console cannot execute .exe files.

Is there an Erdnt.con that I'm unaware of ?


Should Erdnt run unsupported or do I need to put an inf file in the hive cache with it?

Thanks still,


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