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Red face Erunt -Registry CRISIS *SOLVED*

Hi all,

New here to SysChat. I hope someone can point me in a right direction and I'm sorry this is a rather long post.

I found this entry by Sami... and hopefully some others here are familiear with Erunt, as I'm very new with it.

I unzipped an Erunt install by zip file, as I was unaware it came with an installer so it's version E1.1j that I installed and I think I placed it in a folder on the desktop, just to try it out.

Then came crisis time that left me locked out of XP and needing to use the second restore I recently saved in Erunt, (as well as a restore point I saved). I ended up needing to do a restore from a problem safe mode won't even run on and figured no big deal... I used recovery console to boot into Windows where I cached the backed hives and there they sat waiting... WITHOUT Erndt.exe present as apparently this revision does not plant a copy of Erndt in the hive stash.

I managed to get a copy of Erndt.exe into the directory using boot disks, but when I launched Erndt, it scrolled an error past me about 10 times and stalled without making the restore.

My questions are these...

1. My own Admin privy account is named "Mike" and I'm wondering if Erndt can restore the 'Mike' Registry hive sections from within recovery mode?

2. Do I need to establish an Erndt.inf or other to direct Erndt, since I cannot get to the original desktop directory from within Recovery Console?

3. Will Erndt be able to restore that hive section, (Mike), from the boot status of recovery console at all, since the console is not logged on as Mike?

4. Is there a way to grab a "named" restore point from Recovery Mode? (Restore last working at F8 did not help, but there was a valid restore saved 2 hours before the crisis)?

5. Is there a way otherwise to tweak the registry from Recovery Console as all I really need to do is switch on some msconfig driver run entries, to solve the actual problem?

Any help on how to get this restore back to it's original hive would be greatly appreciated. I don't have another XP machine handy to slave that drive to for copying off data and the most recent backup I have is five days old, so I really would hate to lose the 5 days of data.

Thanks so much.

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