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Hi Sami.
Thanks for the useful tip.
As for the Q&A :Feel free to move this to another category
which is more applicable.Your choice.

To jperret:

What else is new?
Microsoft is No 1 in many aspects.
Largest producer of "Spyware".
Largest producer of programs or applications that play havoc
with your system. etc etc

Anyway, to address your problem:The System Restore executable
(rstrui.exe) is found in
C:\WINDOWS\system32\Restore\rstrui.exe (Drive letter as installed)
Depending how XP was installed you will find this also in

In this case copy the file to the system32\Restore folder if it is missing there.

If not in this I386 folder,you may also have one as C:\I386
This is when the OS install was made from the harddrive and not from the XP CD.
In this case the file shows as RSTRUI.EX_
You will have to extract this to the System32\Restore folder.

As to starting System Restore:I made a shortcut of rstrui.exe
and placed it in the Start menu.Much quicker access.
(After creating the shortcut,drag it to the Start button,let it rest for a moment, the Start menu will open,then drag it to the upper section and release.)Rename if you like.
Hope this helped a little.


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