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Default 512 megs for video cards needed?

I was just reading a thread about video cards on the discussion forums for a game manufacturer. This game is an MMORPG which tend to be some of the most graphic intensive games around. Especially in terms of memory required. The discussion basically stemmed around the fact that even though their game is maybe 6+ months away they do not think even at full settings the game will ever need more than 256 megs of memory on a video card. So even though 512 megs are starting to arrive, there is no real point for them as no current games use them, and it is not likely any games for the foreseable future will use them.

The only instance where it might push past 256 megs is if you were to use 4x anti-aliasing, which is really little gain for a lot of memory.

Anyways, this sounds very plausible and reasonable to me. My question is does anyone know of any current generation games or games that will be out in the next year or less that will require more than 256 megs of ram on the video card?

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