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Default Asetek VapoChill Micro Cooler

Anyone have any experience with this device? From what I have read it does a really good job of cooling down 939s or 775s. It also seems to be a reasonable price.

It works on 3.8GHz Pentium 4 CPU to 4.180MHZ. Those CPUs can get fairly hot. I know in some cases with the stock cooling I have seen them get up to 70 degrees celsius. From what I am seeing they can bring down temperatures down to under 60 degrees at peak loads. I think that is a pretty reasonable level considering the cost and the heat these cpus throw off.

Anyone have a chance to use one of these yet? Anyone have any similar recommendations? My pcs tend to be in an above average room in terms of temperature, so cooling is fairly important. This particular CPU fan seems like it might be useful, especially if I rebuild with intel instead of AMD.

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