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Default Home File Servers

Anyone using network-based file servers at home? If so what kind of solutions are you using, and are you finding performance adequate?

Some of the more affordable solutions, like Buffalo Technologies Terrabyte servers and such look interesting, but I am concerned about performance, back up and redundancy issues. I am really in the early stages of investigating this, but what I am looking at doing is having a centralized file server that can be accessed from any of the pcs in the house. All of my pcs are currently going across wireless, which I think could dampen my performance expectations to start. I imagine I am going to have to have the server connected directly to the main wireless server and serve it from there.

Right now this would be used to share data files, music and other files that would be pretty much read-only. Thinking of functionality down the road I would like to store and share video and video recordings off the same server as well. This is where the performance issues start to become a worry for me. Pulling an excel file over wireless on a network server is not going to be a problem. Doing it with a streaming video file might be a different story.

Finally, I am wondering if I will have any issues using one of these network devices across two routers. I have one pc that is a linksys basically as an access point. Would I still be able to use a network drive off the core router on this secondary system?

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