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Default Sony Says PS3 WILL Be Cheap

The speculation is rampant that the PS3 will be significantly more expensive than the 360 and Sony may price themselves out of the market. Apparently Sony is fighting these rumors now.

APANESE GIANT Sony has rushed to deny claims that its new PS3 console will cost as much as €499-599.

The comments were made by Sony Computer Entertainment France boss Georges Fornay on a French radio station so it is a little hard to get out of it. But a spokesSony claimed that George had been mistranslated or misunderstood.

George was just chatting about the relative value of the PS3 as a Blu ray Disc player saying if it did come out at that price it would still be a good deal, the SpokesSony said.

"He summarised by saying that PS3 would be expensive when one looked at the current price of a video games machine, at far below 500 Euros, but extremely good value when looking at the BD and HD technology inside," he concluded.

However the spokesSony did not say that the PS3 would come out below €500 either. More here.

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