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why do people make viruses? because they can mostly... Its a sad answer, but true in most cases. The ones who go forth with massive attacks against the public or MS, etc, have an issue of their own, and i suppose vengance is a good reason.
It isn't always for a negative purpose that which viruses are created, it is simply a programmers goal to beat a program, or make it do something it wasn't intended to do.
H4ck1ing/(r4ck1ing is the same, it's a test of a programs strength, and unfortunatly the program will always lose. There is always a way to beat the code as someone wrote it, and it uses finite objects, and it will always be it's weakness.
I read a report one time that said less than 0.1% of viruses created are ever used, less than half of those released are ever widespread. It makes you realize just how many viruses there could be....


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