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Umm i dont think i explained myself very good im sorry.
Heres what i meant, hopefully it will come out right this time.

If i listen to music through a headset, yep sound is fine in my ears. The volume goes up very high.
As soon as i swap the head et for the speakers the volume of the music even though all settings are maxed , well the volume then coming out is super low. Its not a fault with the speakers as i have tested them with another pc, it only happens on my pc.

As for what i mean with MSN and ventrillo, my outbound voice volume is set to max, so i should sound very loud to people but i dont, since this onboard sound changed my voice is very low and people cant hear me very well even though my outbound settings are maxed.

As for drivers , they have all been updated, ive checked for hardware clashes or conflicts and much more but nothing seems to be working...maybe im destined to have poor sound forever...

Found out tonight by uninstalling the wrong thing that im stuck with CMI audio config for my sound to work which is really doing my head in as the settings on that are crap..

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