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interested to know how many users have tried unlocking their processor, or wish to in the future.
In case you are unsure of what Overclocking is, here's a little background on the common processor and what unlocking does:

Unlocking your processor does just that (as well as void any warranty), but your processor has the potential to -technically- proccess up to twice the speed it is listed as. When they design processors they create them as eficiently as possible, and as fast as possible, but when they are pushed to their limits they can become unstable. Thus they cut the L1 bridges to limit this top end speed of the processor, thus keeping them more stable.. but slower.
There are even a few processors with a special ability to be software overclocked which is not the same as unlocking, but does increase the speed of your processor with the use of increased power to it. This can rapidly decrease the lifetime of the processor and I do not recommend it for the longterm.


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