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Originally Posted by TwistedElegance
I suppose I would have to take an actual class to learn the new format, because it's a night and day comparison to QWERTY.
Well actually... apparently dvorak layout is easier to learn than the QWERTY one, because of how the keys are placed (read this if anyone is really interested). And it actually isn't that hard... I tried it once, but the problem is that the world uses QWERTY, and I fear that I might loose the touch of typing on QWERTY, so I never did bother completing learning the DVORAK layout. Apart from that this also makes a great prank I've used it on my friends when they come around to ... heh, they always think I need to get myself a new keyboard.

The world's fastest typists use DVORAK, so I'm sure that your speed is significantly going to improve if you use it... but for me I'll just be sticking to qwerty (or Azerty if I ever happen to move to France).

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