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Default What's your screen

Just for a sort of general base for further investigation (love saying that ), what make of screen do you guys have (and is it CRT or TFT...or even LCD?)

Ive had a Sharp T15A-4L TFT for about 4 years now, it's a 15" and I still love the images that it produces, I admit it cost a bomb at the time that I bought it but still beats some of the ones that have come with the Dell pc's I've bought for work! It's all down to the colour and sharpness in my opinion

Then again, my Dell laptop has a WSXGA 15.4" widescreen and that's pretty damn sweet, simply because it's so clear and the resolution is sooo high compared to my Sharp, even though the image isn't as bright!

What do you guiys think are good (or bad!)?

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