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Default Creatve Surround (Or Not?) Speakers

Right, surely some of ya are gonna have some nice Creative speakers sittin on your desk, or hanging from your wall?

I've got the (just pulled off the site) T5900's (I think...). They cost me a mere £57 but they sure pack a punch, especially in a mid sized room!

They sure beat my last speakers which cost me about...well...£50, funnily enough...they were 2 speakers, and thats that. I guess you could say that I got ripped off...

Another brand that's pretty sweeet is dB - anyone heard of them? They have a good reputation over here and they have some very good dynamics, with great bass and treble (etc) - they have them at work and they are mainly for events where we need to make a lot of noise, although they aren't the professional models. I saw (and heard) some professional ones at a concert and ooooh, they didn't even have a redundant bass speaker and the bass still shook you!

Any other speakers I should mention?

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