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Originally Posted by Juanzo
Do you guys still use Office? I can't remember the ratio, but oO uses much less space than office, has the same uses and it's free. I don't get a single reason why someone could still use Office nowadays.
The problem is that sometimes (for example at work and school for me) we don't have a choice if we want Open Office or Office, because the companies have already installed all the Office stuff and spent their money for something that is the same as Open Office so they might as well use it (that's what they say atleast). For example when I asked my teacher if he could install Firefox, he replied that it was against the board policy to do that- Why? Because you can't install extra software, so you don't ruin the computer (heh, atleast that's what they think). The same goes for Office.

Oh well, if only open source had more support...

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