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Default No LIFE Crappertech

Hey idiot Crappertech, just shut your so tired of people like you trying to find something wrong with what everyone says. Newsflash: YOU DONT KNOW HALF OF WHAT YOU THINK YOU shut yo trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Mastertech View Post
So pointing out you do not understand how prefetching works is derogatory? So explaing to people how Prefetching works is negative because it goes against the misinformation in this useless "guide"? I made ONE post to correct the misinformation in this useless "guide". I then made additional posts, each one in response to additional incorrect information mainly about Windows XP Prefetching.

The point is I care about people getting correct information and NOT SLOWING DOWN THEIR SYSTEMS. This useless "guide" still states the same misinformation even after I have presented OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE AND FACTS to how these things really works. Whoever wrote this simply copied and pasted these from other misinformed people. The facts and reality of how things work with software is not a debatable issue, there is only one way it works. But it appears it does not matter people will simply never learn.

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