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trouble sounds (or mutes -.-) like i have the same issue

all of a suddon i have no sound ither

vista x64
emachines e525

tryed stock driver and latest realtek
reinstalled windows and no joy

device manager is happy
playback devices says "working properly" with a tick
when i click test and put my ear to the speaker i can hear it crackle ever so slightly

heres the weird thing

trying to play an mp3 in windows media
the visulisation starts up as if its playing
but the bar / timer dosnt move and no sound ofc

flash vids like youtube wont play.... the bar dosnt move

microsoft fix it says no problems found

it cant be a dodjy update coz i did a clean install of vista with network disabled

it cant be a driver coz the stock driver has allways worked b4

and i cant se it being hardware.... iv not dropped it or anything
and if that was the case it shouldnt affect the time/play bar thing

soooo any ideas? other than pee on it and buy another

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