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Default Recycler virus


I will look into scanning the F:\ drive and my flash drives.

A little background may explain my thinking, right or wrong. I have been using MS Security Essentials as my anti-virus software. A few weeks ago I started to receive results that said no threats were detected, but that the scan had not recognized C:\RECYCLER\ and followed by a long string of numbers indicating a file name. I talked with a knowledgeable former co-worker (I'm retired now) and she took the initiative to determine to her satisfaction that Recycler is a dangerous virus. I read about the virus also. My former co-worker was the one who referred me to SysChat.

I tried to follow the 5 step process from Karl M of SysChat, but was unable to get past step 2. In step 2 I thought I deleted the ctfmon.exe file, although a file with that name is still in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. At that point, my contacts with you began. After getting as far as Step 2, I re-ran a Security Essentials scan and for the first time in several weeks received no warning about anything not being recognized. The only change I had made was the deletion of the ctfmon.exe file. Nothing made sense to me, so I wanted to pursue the issue until I felt confident that I was virus free.

Your most recent message was somewhat reassuring. My only indication now of a virus is the existence of the RECYCLER folders in both the C and external drives. If those are the Recycle bins, then maybe I don't have a virus.

One final note. I did clean out my Recycle bin a day or two ago. That may explain the large difference between the contents of my C and external drives.

I apologize if this was a false alarm, and I thank you for taking time to help and educate me. Vern

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