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Originally Posted by dothy1005 View Post
More often than not, inserting an older flash drive or any other USB device into the USB port of your PC would bring up a not saying, “This device can perform faster”. This balloon notification appears because there are two USB standards - USB 1.1 and USB 2.0, the latter being the standard that supports high-speed performance with most USB devices.

Everyone gets annoyed when this message pops up every time they connect a USB device to the USB port. If you wish not to see this notification anymore, follow this tip listed below on how to disable this message:

1. Click on the balloon message as soon as it pops up.
2. A new window will appear on your screen and it contains a list of every USB device currently installed on your machine.
3. Go to the bottom part of the window and uncheck the box that says “Tell me if my device can perform faster”.
4. Click on Finish.
Thanks for that, I was looking for a way to turn this off.

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