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Default speed up our computers?

If our computer takes a long time to open a website or to launch windows, we will feel mad. Anytime we use computer, we just want our computer running fast. But even a new computer will start to slow down after a few months, and the computer gets worse as your computer ages.

Then how to speed up our computers?
One of the most basic ways is by defragmenting the hard drive. Through the normal course of a day, fragmentation scatters files all over your computer, making information harder to find and allowing down your PC. A regular defragmentation schedule will eliminate this problem.
Or you can improve your hardware. If your computer becomes slow, it may be because your hardware isn’t getting the job done. By using the windows Experience Index, this will show you where your computer is weak.
Or you can remove Adware and Spyware. This kind of programs secretly added to your computer without your knowledge. Over time, they will drastically slow down your PC.

There are ways to speed up your computers that is getting creaky. For speeding up to start a computer, many computer users would make their password vanish from windows. Don’t put your computer in danger. There are also many ways for you to reset Windows 7 password, too. If you lose password one day, use windows password recovery software to help you.

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