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I checked out the link and the software sounds interesting. I myself would never have a use for something like this, though. In fact, I am wondering who in the general population would! I can see myself installing this Trucrypt software and thinking that it's a real lark, but if I take a look at myself, I am really just a regular person and if someone found my flashdrive, they'd be pretty bored with what's on it - music files, some pictures of some scenery, and a few bits of research on the history of cosmetics for a paper that I wrote. Pretty dull stuff. In fact, no one that I know (or have ever known) leads a life that's "interesting" enough that they'd be worried about their flash drives being lost. The only real loss would be the flash drive itself. This post is in no way intended to thumb my nose at yours. I'm just curious - Who in the world - among regular, everyday joes - would require encryption?

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