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there are two ways that i think this is possible:

detach the hard drive and connect to another laptop that has a working cdrom/pendrive boot, and install windows xp from there. do not install any laptop drivers

instead, copy the laptop drivers of the original laptop to the My Documents of that Windows XP installation. detach the hard drive and connect it back to the original machine.

boot that machine, it should get to the Windows loading screen and boot. Since you now have the drivers copied, simply run each driver and configure on the original laptop.


check out 'pxe network boot'.

this youtube video
Install Windows XP Over Network Using PXE Boot - YouTube
shows how to install windows xp via network booting.

the idea of this is:
it requires that you have a network and a working computer that can act as the server that will contain the installer files of windows xp.

on the original machine, set it to boot from LAN or PXE (check the bios boot options for your machine).

on the source machine that contains your windows xp installer files, set it up with TFTP so it shares the windows xp installer files).

when the original machine boots from the network, it will detect the available tftp server where it can get the windows xp install files. you will have to do some command line input to configure the original machine on getting the install files.

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