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hi Tozar

there are a lot of image editing tools available. you can use Microsoft Paint that is builtin with Windows

or use something new like to edit images online
more info on this free and online image editor from this link is capable of doing the tasks that you need:

Crop a jpeg image
Select the Crop tool on the tools pane. Using the Crop tool, drawing a rectangle around the part of the image that you want to be cropped. After drawing the rectangle, a grid will display on top of the selected area

Double-click the highlighted area, the image is now cropped

Resizing image / creating thumbnail
On the Menu, select Image, select Image Size

Select your desired height and width

Saving image quality

On the Menu, select File, select Save..
Choose the image quality –
1 is the lowest quality (smallest file size and bad image quality)
100 is the highest quality (biggest file size and best image quality)


For your PDF needs

Try editing PDF files with PDF Escape

Or you can choose to install a free PDF creation tool like PDFCreator

1. Download and install PDF Creator from this link

2. Once installed, you will notice a new printer called “PDF Creator” in your printers list.

3. To convert a word document or image file to PDF, simple click on File – Print, and select PDF Creator as the printer.

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