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Hello narendra9981,

I suggest you use the tool created by Microsoft Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool for creating a Windows 7 bootable flash drive

You need to prepare the following requirements:

1. Windows 7 installer .ISO file
2. At least a 4GB USB Flash drive

**If you have a Windows 7 installer CD, you must convert the entire disk to an ISO file.

Download and install the Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool from this site:

1. When you have run the tool, it will ask for the ISO image

2. It will then ask you to select the flash drive. Take note that the flash drive will be formatted to contain only the windows 7 installer files. Backup any files that you have on the flash drive before using it as windows 7 installer.

3. Wait for tool to format your flash drive

4. When ready, set the computer to boot from USB flash drive, connect the USB flash drive and reboot the computer. Windows 7 should now install the flash drive.

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