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When i had Windows 98 and early on Windows XP, i used ZoneAlarm for my Firewall. it listed all programs that use internet access. It listed the program name, destination address, and action to allow or block. You may want to check firewall programs like ZoneAlarm for easier checking and management of internet access among your installed software.

Wondering IP is good for easily listing the active connections. but you would need a firewall program like Zonealarm if you want to specifically manage which to allow and block. firewall programs are also able detect ip addresses and connection behaviors that are known to spread/act like viruses and spyware. Firewall programs have predefined descriptions of known programs and network behaviours, this makes it easier for us users to know which are genuine and essential network connections.

as always, an updated full system scan with your antivirus is a good measure to check for possible spyware/malware. antivirus programs now also act like firewall programs -- able to detect some form of bad network traffice and have basic capabilities of blocking and ignoring suspicious network activity.

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