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By the sounds of it, your Clipper program isn't controlling your printer setup. I make the assumption that you are using either the Print or Copy command in DOS to send a file with some ESCape sequences prior to running the application. You can do the same from a CMD prompt or batch file in XP. For example:

copy filewithprintercommands /b LPT1:
YOURPROG.EXE (start application)

In fact you don't even have to be tied to a parallel port. Your application still needs to talk to your dot-matrix printer (e.g. Okidata 320) but if your computer doesn't have a parallel port adapter, it is possible to work around this. Read an article I wrote for further details:

Windows 7 In the News: Connecting Parallel Port Printers via USB to your new Laptop or Desktop

Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by wmahaffey View Post

Please help me out here, printers. We are using dot matrix printers and I use some DOS commands to change fonts and page sizes. Can I make XP send the same commands to the printers as the Clipper program? If so, where do I find
the information?

If I could use XP if would be great. I have enough legal copies of XP and the expertise to install and maintain them.



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